Black Tooth Wildland Fire Module was started in 2012 on the Powder River Ranger District of the Bighorn National Forest. Originally we were a 10 person Initial Attack crew but over the years many of our members worked alongside of or went on assignments with existing Fire Modules. That coupled with the Bighorn Forest’s desire to better implement longer term fire management actions led to our birth. In 2011 we made a concerted effort to get crewmembers out with existing modules and in 2012 we went through the certification process to become a Wildland Fire Module and changed our name to Bighorn Wildland Fire Module. In 2013 the new Module Standards were approved creating type 1 and Type 2 modules and that spring we were certified as a Type 1 Wildland Fire Module and again changed our name, this time to Black Tooth Wildland Fire Module. 2014 marks our third season as a Fire Module and we continue to look forward to growing both our local program as well as the Module program nationally.