Tushar Mountain Wildland Fire Module Type 1 is a Fishlake National Forest resource located on the Beaver Ranger District within the Central Utah Fire Organization. The WFM is a ten person module comprising of a module leader, assistant module leader, two senior fire fighters and six seasonal crew members. Tushar Mountain is primarily an initial attack resource for the forest with the full complement of WFM knowledge, skills and abilities to be able to assist in management and planning of longer duration wildland and prescribed fires.

Tushar Mountain was originally established as a Fire Use Module by the combination of two initial attack squads during the 2008 fire season. Tushar Mountain took their first fire assignment to the South Barker WFU incident, and has been fully operational and staffed since then. Throughout the next 5 years Tushar Mountain has further developed as a module with diverse experience while continuing to meet the current interagency WFM standards.