Mission Statement: The primary mission of the White River WFM is to provide a safe, professional, mobile, and highly skilled Type 1 module for all phases of wildland fire operations. We will strive to go above and beyond expectations through hard work and commitment to excellence.

Vision Statement: The vision of White River WFM is to be an all-purpose Type 1 resource that actively participates in all phases of fire operations and fuels management on the UCR and nationally. We will engage all fire assignments with safety, professionalism, and hard work.

Core Values: - Duty - Respect - Integrity - Innovation - Humility - Safety - Tenacity

Purpose: White River WFM’s primary purpose is to provide Type 1 wildland fire module support planned and unplanned wildland fire events. The module has a broad focus on Initial Attack/Extended Attack, confine/contain, and managed fire assignments. We are used heavily during Western Colorado’s fire season, Region 2 confine/contain and managed fire support, and nationally available when not busy on unit or in Region. History: 2012, White River WFM passed regional certification and worked the entire season as a Trainee Module. 2013, White River WFM passed regional Type 1 certification and is currently listed as a Type 1 WFM for 2014 fire season.